All prices include labor and installation,  plus a 1 year warranty.  No hidden fee's

Service Calls

  • Service Calls are FREE or Waved as long as we do the repair
  • Service Calls are $65.00 - $75.00 if you choose not to let A/C Tech do the repair.

Maintenance & Cleaning - This is done Spring and Fall.

  • Simple Spring or Fall tune up:   $100.00  (Includes cleaning Condenser and checking system  plus adding up to 4 ounces of Freon.)
  • Total Spring or Fall tune up:  $120.00  (Includes cleaning condenser and checking system, plus cleaning Evaporator coil and adding up to 4 ounces of Freon.)
  • Major furnace cleaning:  $120.00 (Includes inspecting and cleaning your Heat-Exchanger.  Visually inspecting burners.  Checking Igniter and or  pilot light.    Also verifying proper function of inducer motor and blower motor.)

Thermostats - Prices include labor and 1 year warranty.

All Thermostats are digital Honeywell brand

  • Pro 3000:  $120.00
  • Pro 5000:  $150.00 

A/C Parts - All prices include labor and one year warranty, except Freon and Leak seal.

  • Freon R-22:  $60.00 to $75.00 a pound depending on currant prices.
  • Freon R-410-a:  $30.00 to $35.00 a pound depending on currant prices.
  • Freon labor:   $50.00 labor fee for checking and adding Freon.  NO WARRANTY ON FREON
  • Capacitor:  $150.00
  • Sequencer:  $150.00
  • Transformer:  $175.00
  • Relay:  $150.00
  • Contactor:  $175.00
  • Blower Motor Standard:  $285.00 - $415.00
  • Blower Motor X13 or similar:  $400.00 - $900.00
  • Condenser Motor:  $285.00 - $415.00
  • Furnace Control Board :  $200.00 - $400.00
  • Defrost Control Board:  $150.00 - $300.00
  • Leak Seal:  $100.00 (plus Freon)

Emergency Service

  • Monday - Friday after 3:00 - $45.00
  • Saturday:  $65.00
  • Sunday:  $75.00


        If you do not see a price, give us a call. 910-494-6732


  • All parts and labor are warrantied for 1 year except for Freon and Leak Seal


Did you know that your air conditioner is like your car, what I mean is it requires maintenance.  Would you drive your car 50,000 miles and not wash it or change the oil and air filter.  Your a/c unit sits outside in the elements and looses its efficiency over time because it gets dirty.  When your a/c unit or heat pump gets dirty and looses efficiency the unit runs longer so it burns more electricity and it wear's itself out.  If you can't remember when was the last time your unit was cleaned by a professional you are in dire need of preventative maintenance.

In our area it is hard to beat the efficiency of a good heat pump.  Especially if you are using LP or some form of electric heat.  The average heat pump uses less than 20 amps to run.  The average electric heat uses 40 amps or more to heat.  As you can see a heat pump can cut the cost to heat your house in half.

Refrigerant R-22 is being fazed out.  It is being replaced with a more environmentally safe refrigerant R-410-A.  Because of this the cost of R-22 is going up. R-22 cost approximately three times as much as R-410-A.  So if your unit is more than 15 years old and requires maintenance or service that cost more than $500.00, it might be a good time to replace the unit because the cost of R-22 will continue to go up.

The heating and cooling of your house and the heating of your water is over 70% of your electric bill.  Keep your filters changed monthly and get a cleaning once a year to help reduce your electric bill.




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